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14 Seconds and Counting

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How you can help Orphans from AIDS -- NOW!

Yes, every 14 seconds a new Child-Headed household is formed!  Look to your right, you see children who have survived the death of their parents, from AIDS.  Brothers and sisters struggling to keep together as a family.


     Of the millions of women infected only a third will transmit the virus to their babies, less than one in ten babies will be infected.   All of the mothers and fathers will die leaving behind not only the new born but countless siblings all of which are now orphans.

What will you learn by reading 14 Seconds and Counting…

  • What is a Child-headed household? 
  • Where do they live?  How you can help them get better housing today!
  • What they eat --How you can help them get enough to eat now
  • How you might volunteer to help feed the little ones
  • What type of education do they receive
  • How you can help educate them, with a marketable skill, that will lift them from poverty, at this moment!
  • How you might volunteer to teach them
  • All the statistics you could ever want about CHH HIV/Aids
  • How you can get them good health care as soon as they need it.
  • How you can volunteer to give them the health care they need
  • Adoption possibilities – domestic, foreign and from a distance
  • All the references you could ever want concerning HIV/Aids Orphans
  • An amazing number of internet sites, links concerning these children
  • Volunteer opportunities, not only educational, feeding and health, but also just coming to be with the orphans and give them some needed love

14 Seconds and Counting  

14 Seconds and Counting is a free ebook distributed by the Religious Teachers Filippini.
Please distribute to as many people as you wish and help the Child-headed households NOW!


This Child-headed household
needs your help!

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Religious Teachers Filippini